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Cheese Cake - Oliv Cafe Berlin 0

Say Cheese(cake)!

Get in a great mood with a little help of a delicious slice of cheesecake at Oliv Cafe in Mitte. Their cheesecake is different from the German version – that is, to be honest,...

Shiso Burger Berlin Salmon Burger sweet potato fries 0

Good Things come in Small Packages – Mitte

Berlin has many restaurants with an Asian twist, Shiso Burger in Mitte is no exception. As the name already suggests, it’s mainly burgers that are served here. In addition to the standard hamburger and...

St Oberholz 1 4

Sankt Oberholz

The main reason for many people to visit this cafe is the free WIFI. When you walk up to the first floor of the building, you are almost blinded by the great number of...