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Coffee and menu - Floors Kreuzberg 0

A Cookie with your Coffee – Kreuzberg

This week, I traveled to Kreuzberg for a lunch date with Marlon. Once we arrived in the Greafekiez, we stumbled upon a lovely looking cafe: Floor’s. The cafe stands out from the other, more...

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Fast Food for Meat Eaters – Kreuzberg

Last week, it was burger-time again! Not in my beloved Prenzlauer Berg/Mitte hood, but somewhere more southern: Kreuzberg. Room 77 it was. The friend I was with assured me that she had been coming...

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Happy Italian Place – Kreuzberg

Salumeria & Bruschetta is a store and restaurant in one. Here you can get delicious Prosciutto di Parma, tasty olives, Parmesan Cheese and many other typical Italian products. But you can also order a...