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Scone and tea at Nothaft Seidel Cafe 1

Giant Scones – Prenzlauer Berg

You won’t find the typical Prenzlauer Berg mom with stroller in this coffee shop. It is mostly twenty- and thirthy-somethings that come here to meet up, to enjoy a flat white while working on...

Zuckerfee Breakfast Etagere 0

Sweet temptation – Prenzlauerberg

A perfect place for those with a sweet tooth. Fluffy pancakes, waffles and cake, the name of Zuckerfee (Sugar Fairy) is spot on. Next to this, they serve smoothies, juices, tea and good coffee....

Schwarzes Cafe interior 2

24 hours of fun – Charlottenburg

It was finally time, after two years, to pay the area Charlottenburg a visit again. Our main reason was that we really miss Schwarzes Cafe. When we lived in Charlottenburg, the cafe was a place...