Sankt Oberholz

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4 Responses

  1. greenvana says:

    Well said, ha ha – the free wi-fi ;-) I like the location and quick yet healthy food they serve. But I find it just too loud during the day. It can be quite crowded and the music volume can be a little disturbing if you want to have a chat or simply chillout. I wonder how all the startup guys manage to work there on a daily basis ;-)

  2. Catherine says:

    “Service is not always friendly and seems occasionally disinterested.” Bahahaha – I second that!
    I love one of their salads, the one with legumes in it. It actually kept me going one night where I was feeling pretty productive and ended up staying until they kicked me out because they were closing. I do agree about the fact that it gets loud at times and quite impossible to work unless you’ve brought your own soundtrack! Great pictures, too!

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